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November 2021- January 2022

Die Be-Suchenden - Hinterhoftheater für Alle!

The « Be-Suchenden » (The visitors) are performances that mix object theatre, music, dance and video mapping. The giant puppets of Theatre of Details are brought to life and come visit the neighbours in Neukölln on their doorsteps and in their backyards.

For a moment, the performance will enchant the usual living spaces and interrupt the daily routines with surprising neighbours coming directly from an imaginary world.

Inspired by texts of the surrealists, myths and iconographic stories, the Theatre of Details presents short fantastic stories, which the neighbours can follow directly from their windows.

Sneak preview: Backyard of Neckarstr. 19, Saturday 20.11 at 6pm

Outside & for free!

You also have a nice backyard and wish to have the visit of the performance ?

We are open to suggestions, write:


Direction: Claire Chaulet
Performers : Lola Lustosa, Honey Birch, Celestine Croquison, Claire Chaulet,

Carla Lewest, Miss H.
Music : Francesco Lo Giudice (Olmo)
Video mapping : Martin Ducreau
Off-voice: Miriam Aberkane
Assistance : Julie Karmark Jensen, Saba Tsereteli, Qusai Zaghmout

Supported by the Stiftung für kulturelle Weiterbildung und Kulturberatung, Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa. Part of Draussenstadt.

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