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Object Theatre Class


Artistania e.V. with Theatre of Details is offering object theatre classes.

The main objective of Theatre of Details is to combine different forms of arts such as painting, sculpture, architecture, music, poetry, film, and photography with performing arts including theatre and dance.

Object theatre, or plastic theatre, can be defined as physical theatre that pursues storytelling through primarily physical means. The main focus is the physical motion of performers, puppets and objects, through hand gestures, body language and other physical expression, to convey the plot.

Our study is not based on any external program, it is unique and is totally based on our own experience, practice and experimentations. It is based more on a practical approach rather than theoretical, however we want to ultimately transfer our practice into theory in order to share our knowledge and progress more effectively.

The Workshops will help you to create your own work and discover the best possible ways of expressing yourself artistically. We have a Program, which includes training with human bodies, objects, puppets, masks, poetry, lights, colours and music, as well as technical knowledge of construction and creation of puppets, masks, installations, etc.

Regular workshops are every monday for two hours, from 19:00-21:00 at Neckarsstrasse. 19, 12053. Hosted by Theatre of Details, directed by Saba Tsereteli.

People interested can subscribe for regular or one time workshops at any time via

Number of participants for each class are limited to 10 people.

Monthly fee 30 euro

For more information about tariffs, registration or anything else, please contact us via e-mail:

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