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Bottle post for the future

Bottle post for the future

Patricia Morosan and Claire Chaulet aim to exchange dreams with young people and work with them to develop new perspectives on the future with a weekly creative encounter at the Albert-Nobel-school in Neukölln.

The young people are invited to create a „bottle post“ and develop messages for the future with photographs, texts, serigraphs, objects and paintings. The creative elements that they will develop should help them reflect both about their perception of the present and their dreams for the future.
Each youngster will create his/her own „message in a bottle“ and these will be exhibited collectively as a joint project in the photo club at the end of the project.

At the end of the project, the participants will be able to take their “bottles” with them as a kind of “relic” of the project, which could accompany them in the future and remind them of their youthful dreams and ideas.

Kooperationspartnern: Alfrerd-Nobel-Schule, Foto Club
Gefördert durch: Kultur Macht Stark // paritätisches Bildungswerk
Zeit: August-Dezember 2020

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