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Cosmo-Notes // Puppet Building


The divinities are watching the coming environmental catastrophe in desperation. Should they intervene or remain passive and let humans destroy everything they have struggled to create? After much discussion, the divinities agree that they can no longer bear watching human stupidity and decide to go to earth to influence the people to make better decisions and actions to save the planet. ..


The "Cosmo Notes" is designed as a participatory and community-building art project by the artists of the Artistania Association and the Theater of Details, which is divided into two phases:


1) The creation of the divinities and their messages (spring 2020)

2) The Divinities Exhibition and Parade (Spring-Summer 2020)


Main goals:

  1. Raising awareness for environmental solutions with humor and art (and avoiding moralizing approaches).

  2. To create an own "cosmopolitan" cosmogony for the Neukölln neighborhood, which is represented by a variety of divinities and mythologies.

  3. Promotion of creative abilities and imagination.


The participants are invited to create their own divinities, which will be part of a larger installation and performance (see Sky-Call). Each divinity conveys a specific message to people.


The participants have:

1) Individual or collective imaginary divinities built with natural and recycled materials.

2) Develop encouraging and inspiring messages.

3) Invented mythologies and stories that connect the various divinities.

The project was supported by QM Flugahfenstrasse.

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