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Creative Workshop with Generation UA

Saba Tsereteli, Claire Chaulet and Martin Ducreau from Artistania e.V. were invited to lead creative workshops for the project “Generation UA” in the region of Luhansk, in the east of Ukraine. For four days they shared creative techniques with more than 100 participants. The goal of the workshops was to experience inspiring creative processes with simple and accessible materials (willow branches, tape, newspaper, gips…). Imagination and team work allowed us to achieve beautiful results and bring a little poetry in a hostile environment. Once again, we rediscovered how easy it can be to create positive change in our surroundings when we work together and believe in our ideals.


4.12.-5.12.2017 // Children and young adults (12-18)

The lantern workshops allow the participants to share moments of collective creation, to experiment with unconventional materials (i.e. willow, rice paper) and to exercise their imagination. Participants will discover how simple it is to create something beautiful and will experience the joy of poetry in the everyday. Playing with the light and the magical effect of the lantern will leave all feeling anything but indifferent.

14:00-18:00: Working on individual lanterns (children)
14-15: Becoming familiar with the material, explanation of techniques and presentation of examples. The children are invited to use their imagination to create forms and exchange ideas with the artists.
15-18: Building Process. Each child can build his own lantern according to his idea. The artists will help the children make the creation they have in mind.

10-19: Working on collective lanterns (young adults)
10-11: Collective Brainstorming: what do we want to show to our neighbors, family and friends?
11-13: Task division and starting the building process
15-19: Continuation of the collective creation

6.12-7.12.2017 // Families (12 and up)


DAY 310-19: Making Family Lanterns10-13: We will choose a common topic (i.e. „Animals“) and build small teams. Each team will create one collective lantern representing a facet of the topic (i.e. „cat-lantern“).15- 19: Building of lanterns


DAY 410-13: Work on lanterns for presentation10-13: Preparation of exhibition15-17: Preparation of exhibition17-20: Presentation and community meeting

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