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Reclaim the Crafts


RECLAIM THE CRAFTS! // Berlin encounter (September 2018)


Aim of the project “Reclaim the crafts: in search for shared values through creative activism” is to empower young people to take active and responsible role in their local communities. Our main mission is to start a creative dialogue between generations and cultures, that will lead to developing hybrid-crafts and reclaiming public, common spaces, through mixing traditional crafts, that are losing actuality within younger generation, and street art as well as other "public space" art forms. Street artists and traditional craftsmen/ women are to mix their knowledge and possibilities in developing new ways of preserving and updating traditional crafts so that they become interesting for the newer generation and is seen as part of creative activism and active citizenship practices. The project is founded by the Stiftung EVZ Photos by Vlad Belkin and Claire Chaulet With Kulturlabor Trial&Error e.V. Thym'art Ducro Claire Chaulet, Mika Yat Graffiti...

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