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Rehearsal Space

Are you looking for a space to work on your monologue? Prepare a crazy DJ-set? Make a stop-motion film?

We have rooms to rent for individual and small group projects (max 20 persons).

We have a wide range of equipment to rent, and services from our team (Sound engineers, photographers etc). So if you want to record songs, shoot videos, or more, but need specialist equipment, you can count on us!

Contact us at to make a booking.



Regarding our experiences over the past few months, we have adjusted our sublease conditions slightly.


Here what we can offer:
• Stage space of 150 m2. Storage options by arrangement.
• We only rent for 2 hour slots from 4 slots per month (8 hours) minimum.
• 1 slot = 30 euros / 4 slots = 120 euros
• Independent use of the bar
• Rent must have been transferred to Artistania’s account before use
• Cancellation: 10% of the rent will be kept and 90% refunded.

(To request for shooting please send an email to with a project description and we will send you an offer)


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