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The Factory of Giants and school of Giant Puppets

The School of Giant Puppets focuses on combining art, theater, and crafts to create large-scale mobile constructions, marionettes, and puppets for outdoor performances. Collaborating with the theater company "Theatre of Details" the school aims to bring immersive theater experiences to public spaces such as streets, open-air festivals, and carnivals. The school wants to blend artistic expression with community engagement.

The school operates as a collaborative space where artists, theater designers, technicians, and individuals with various skills come together to construct unconventional theater objects. The workshops take place at the Artistania atelier, situated in a former Berliner Kindl brewery. This space serves as a hub for diverse disciplines, spanning from theater to engineering, fostering a multidisciplinary environment that nurtures creativity.

The School of Giant Puppets offers classes on different scales—local, national, and international. By establishing collaborations with various initiatives, projects, and organizations, the school expands its reach and impact. This approach enhances artistic education and contributes to cultural exchange and collaboration across borders.

At its core, the school's artistic philosophy revolves around crafting a unique movement language through handmade and manually operated sculptures. This approach imbues each creation with a sense of life and motion, making them more than static installations. The overarching vision extends beyond artistic expression; it seeks to shape the future urban landscape by transforming towns and cities into more positive and engaging environments. We believe art and creativity can influence the way we interact with our surroundings and foster a sense of community.


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