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Sky-Call: a Cosmody for the Future

In late September/early October, Sky-call: A Cosmody for the Future, was performed in the streets of Neukolln at the Kindl stairs. Various fantastical figures (Kosmo-Notes) with magical powers go on a mission to save the Earth from environmental catastrophe and destruction.

The play was created to raise awareness of environmental solutions with humor and art, and enchant and transform the local public space to create a communal experience. With the help of projections, marionettes, masks, and costumes, ‘Sky Call’ was debuted to the public!


The "Kosmo-Notes" watch as the Earth degenerates and are faced with a conflict. Should they intervene or remain passive and let humans destroy everything that has been created? Each of these figures has unique powers that are prototypical for positive human traits, such as empathy, or perseverance. On the basis of their “characteristics”, the various figures argue about different solutions for how the blue planet could be saved.


After lively discussions about "SKY-call", the characters agree that they should inspire people to make better decisions and take better measures to save the planet. They can no longer hold back in the cosmos and watch the coming catastrophe from its dark infinity. They decide to reveal themselves and descend to earth to exchange ideas with people. What is stopping people from noticing that they are breaking their own house? What needs to be revealed for the earth to receive more mindfulness from these special inhabitants?


With these questions the characters gain a foothold on earth for the first time, become "visible" to people for the first time and meet the first earthly inhabitants in a Berlin district called Neukölln …



The project is part of the Festival Verhülltes Entdecken

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