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Artistania's Atelier provides a place for musicians to practices their music in optimal conditions. Thirteen music studios have been created for more then a hundred musicians who come to rehearse. Bands or individual artist find in this space an affordable practice room as well as a community of people, to exchange idea, tips and projects.These musician comes from a variety of musical backgrounds.

Here are some of the artists that works in the Artistania Atelier:

Paolo Eleodori / drums








Born in 1965 in Pisa, he began playing the drums at the age of 14, initially  as an autodidact, later receiving lessons in Livorno from Carlo Cavallini. In  1987 he came to Berlin, where he continued his percussion studies with  Michael Landmesser-Sdrena. He specialized his playing in master  workshops with Kenny Wheeler and Steve Lacy.


Further on, he gained  improvisational experience with Cecil Taylor and Louis Moholo. 

His repertoire ranges from jazz to world music and traditional music to  avant-garde. He has performed in numerous theater productions and is the  initiator of the jazz ensemble Takabanda, with whom he has recorded  several CD productions.

With his Duo Maori he explores new spheres of  sound together with cellist Ulrich Maiss.


Together with saxophonist  Johannes Barthelmes he foundet the quartet Jo Barthelmes Hipnosis and  recorded the album ‘pasión o muerte’ (Unit records 2021). With Nuova  Orchestra Italiana he recorded the album ‘cinema e poesia’. He has worked  as a studio musician for various CD productions and has performed in  concerts with Gilad Atzmon & Orienthouse Ensemble, Klaus Doldinger's  Passport, Experimenti Berlin, Riccardo Fassi Quartet, Jessy Ballard Band,  among others. 

More about Paolo ELeodori:

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Justus Raym's Farmaporn





Justus Raym's musical philosophy follows a certain set of rules or mantras, which he describes as "movement = sanity, static=insanity". It is these phrases that are the inspiration behind the conception and drive of his work. Justus explores very different sides of his personality over beautiful, complex and enchanted musical pieces. Here he shares his honest feelings and intimate experiences.


Justus Raym's Farmaporn did a live at Club Gretchen, Berlin. A series by and Club Gretchen.




Quentin Cholet - drums

Arne Braun -guitar

Justus Raym - keys


More about Justus Raym's Farmaporn:

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Old Men group (OMG)

“Bobby, Dirk and Klaus have gone missing in their senior residence! Now they are back on stage to play beat! Go see them, every show is a blast and might be the last!“ it says somewhat enigmatically in the short information letter from the band. Robert Schätzle, Dirk Kretz (both ex-Tuesday Weld, Die Türe and many more groups) and Klaus Cornfield (ex-Throw That Beat in the Garbagecan, Katze) are the Old Men Group!


A pinch of Monty Python here, a touch of early Kinks there, the Sonics there, the What, and whatever they were called! That sounds like sweat, testosterone, Kaiserkeller and pheromone, In short: the garage is on fire! With a blasphemous youthfulness, however, completely inappropriate texts are presented from the point of view of the residents of a retirement home. It's about the last man standing at the seniors ball or Bonnie, the therapy dog. An old gentleman escapes from the home reminiscing and asks the taxi driver “where is the music loud and good!?” That has about as much tragedy as it does joke… says Uncle Fritz.


More about The Old Men group:

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Do you know the German word “GEIL”? It means cool or horny. Now, imagine you want to say it in a classy way. You soften the “g”: In the jungle, geriatric Jean­Claude Van Damme juggles in jeans while the jukebox in the juice bar plays Genesis. J­DZ­Good luck.

In any case… DZAIJL is a cover band in spandex, a live music experience that you ́ll never ever forget. The 9 members are charming entertainers with spectacular hairdos, oversized stage presence, and a hint of cha cha cha!

DZAIJL play the greatest hits of the last 70 years, with bombastic brass arrangements by band founder Karen “Screamin” Bolage. Many have covered DZAIJL’s classics: world-famous bands like Queen and AC/DC, stars like Nancy Sinatra and Ray Charles. Even Nina Hagen, Eros Ramazotti and Stereo Total have tried to be DZAIJL. The unique repertoire is uncompromising, intoxicating, rocking.

The sound goes right into the ears, through the heart, to the abs, legs, and buns.

As seriously as DZAIJL takes music, they take themselves gloriously unserious – there is no song too cheesy, no leggings too tight, no make­up too absurd. They are gay­friendly, straight­friendly, animal­friendly, and all the while misanthropic. If you ask DZAIJL if they doubt their relevance to society because of their trivial selection of songs, they point out that they themselves are the political statement due to their diversity in spirit.

For more infos about Dzaijl:


Maybe this trip to Italy all started when Karen Bolage was about two years old and was accompanied there by her parents. For everyone's entertainment, Karen's mother had packed David Bowie's Let's Dance album. The music was approved from the start. The car radio was turned on and people sang along enthusiastically until the cassette ran through. So that David Bowie was allowed to sing again from the beginning.


After the cassette played again, Karen's mother decided it was time to try another tape. But this met with protests: from the back seat weeping and gnashing of teeth. So "Let's Dance" was put back into the recorder and heard - up to Italy - in Italy and of course back. Karen's mother put down the cassette after this traumatic experience and has never heard from it since. And Karen Bolage became the proud owner of her first Walkman at the tender age of two and a half - with said cassette. Her childhood soundtrack was dominated by David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and Mozart's Rondo Alla Turca. Karen learned to play the piano at the age of six, the guitar at the age of 13 and began collecting and playing instruments as a teenager. Composing, arranging and producing their music is mostly done solo in their home studio, but the real magic is in the recreation of playing together live. For this reason, her greatest interest is in interacting with other musicians.


In the last 15 years she has played with Toni Kater, Orchester Miniature In The Park, The 8Track Adventures Of Philip Vesper, The Benja Men and in the bands she founded {dzäjil} and Heiser Minelli.

Karen Bolage:

Toni Kater:


8trk Adventures:

 Benja Men:

Karen Bolage

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