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The Animalies


The Animalies are offering a theater-training led by Claire Chaulet and guests, where amateurs and professionals can experiment, try different exercises and give each other feedback. Together we have already created two shows and are now welcoming new members for another cycle of training and creation!

This time we want to explore our relationship to technology, mix it with ancient myths, and gather in the special atmosphere of a Kammerspiel...

The training is taking place every Tuesday, 
starting in November, from 7 to 9 pm, 
in Artistania Atelier, Neckarstrasse 19. 


HIGHWAY TO HAPPINESS (creation 2018)
Immersive performance by the Animalies 

With Carlotta Denis, Claire Chaulet, Miriam A., Julia Neufeid and Luzia Anna

From inspirational books to “find your true self” travels, from dedicated retreats to engaging movements, the search for happiness has invaded western societies… For the better or for the worse? In their participative performance “Highway to Happiness”, Animalies leads the audience through a quest for happiness. The talented coaches on stage are all offering a tempting approach to wellbeing, awareness and fulfillment. Does happiness lie in creativity, in sports or in money? By attending the workshops, one after the other, participants are engaging their bodies and their souls, questioning their habits, and, hopefully, reconnecting with themselves and finding their way to happiness. Each coach is creating her own universe, embodying one vision of the world, and invites the participants to embrace her ideas. To follow them strictly and completely. Where does the truth lie, then? The contradictions are soon appearing, and the quest for identity is maybe bigger on stage than in the audience. The coaches are after all only humans, with their failures, their secret wounds, their fears, but our society isn’t letting them expressing their nuances, and success requests perfectly smooth, yet strong public figures. Slowly, through the masks, the coaches will reveal themselves, with their weaknesses and their bad moods. Ironic because extreme, fools because one-sided, Animalies’ characters are not criticising the practice of mediation or the involvement in political activism : their are fighting with humour all the -ism we live amongst, all the dogmas surrounding us, and alerting their audience of the dangers of creating a public self that will attract instagram like.

Luzia Anna as Dana
Carlotta Denis as Blueberry
Miriam Aberkane as Calleope
Julia Neufeind as Ricard*
Claire Chaulet as Joana Winston

German presentation 


1. About the Play

THE END IS NEAR. Mammals, birds and other arthropods are swimming around in a fish bowl of virtual reality. Enjoying the TV, a circus of distraction with show horses strutting, silver-tongued snakes hypnotising and academic rabbits who won’t stop talking.

But drastic change is coming for the animal kingdom. The animals need to watch out or the waters of change may go over their heads…

* 20 animals
* 10 actors
* 60 minutes
* 11 scenes
* 1 TV
* 4 virtual humans

2. About the Animals

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” (Orwell 1945)

This was the starting point. The inspiration. 
With a lot of open questions 10 participants of the Theaterlab’, a regular theater training at Artistania e.V. decided to put together a show. Some of them were experienced actors, some were having their first experience on the stage, some of them didn’t know each other, some of them didn’t speak German, but all matched. With improvisations and theater exercises they explored for 6 months the animal/human metaphors and create collectively a participative show with the lense of animality.

Artistic Director: Claire Chaulet

January: diverse theater exercices February: Exploration „Theater and the animals“
March: Creative writing and developement of the structure of the show
April: creation of the show
May: Rehearsals
June : Premiere of the show on the 09.06.2017 at the Artistania Atelier
July: Show on the 16.07 for the Festival Offenes Neukölln 

3. About the logistics

- Public: 50- 300 Persons / from 6 years
- Language: English
- Duration: 60 Min.

- Stage size: min. 4*2 Meters
- Black box setting
- Backstage: left and right
- Lights: 4 stage light / 4 public lights / Stroboscope
- Sound: Sound from the computer need to be amplified (Projections) 
- Beamer and screen: Projections in the back of the stage
- Possibility to go from backstage to public entrance?
- Couch in the audience

1 sound and light technician

- Frame around the stage (TV-frame)
- 2 Podiums, 1 bench, 1 chair, 1 mall table, 1 bar chair, 
- Beamer and screen if necessary 
- couch if necessary
- Stroboscope

Claire Chaulet / / 017640562648

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