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Artistania Atelier: our vision

Our vision for the Atelier is to create a dynamic and inclusive space that promotes creativity, collaboration, and cultural exchange, not only for our generation but also for future generations. We aim to provide a platform for artists from diverse social and cultural backgrounds, offering them a safe and non-commercial environment in which to explore, experiment, and flourish. Our goals are:


1. Upholding the principles of the association: The Atelier embodies the principles of Artistania e.V., emphasizing artistic integrity, community, and non-profit values. Our space remains true to these values.


2. Ensuring inclusivity and safety: We are committed to making our Atelier an inviting and secure place for artists of all social and cultural backgrounds. We celebrate diversity.


3. Promoting interdisciplinary collaboration: We create a space where artists from different disciplines and approaches can come together, collaborate, and exchange ideas, leading to innovative and boundary-pushing creative work.

4. Maintaining Independence: We work towards self-sufficiency and ensure that the Atelier remains financially independent. This independence allows us to make decisions that align with our artistic and cultural goals, free from external directives.


5. Fostering Community Engagement: We view the Atelier as an integral part of the neighborhood and the local context. We actively engage with the community through cultural activities and collaborations. We work with schools, community organizations, and develop projects involving the local community, including art classes, workshops, and cultural events.


6. Promoting Urban Transformation: Our space serves as a catalyst for public interventions and contributes to the vision of better cities. We support creative processes that contribute to the positive transformation of our urban environment.


7. Fostering Individual and Collective Practices: We provide a platform where both individual and collective artistic practices can coexist and merge, promoting a rich and supportive creative ecosystem.


8. Promoting Transculturality: Our Atelier promotes transculturality by welcoming the fusion of different cultural influences and encouraging artists to explore the interconnectedness of different cultures in their work.


9. Transforming the Abandoned Brewery into an Inviting and Hospitable Space: The revival requires a holistic approach that combines creative visions with practical considerations. The historical significance of the brewery is integrated into the space's design to preserve its heritage while creating an environment that fosters artistic practices.

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