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Writing Lab'

Writing is your thing, but you never really find the time and endurance to do it regularly on your own?
You are working on your big book, but now it's times of stagnation and blockage?
Or you are already engaged in literary pursuits, but you wish you had more feedback and inspiration on your way?

Then come and join our Writing Lab'! All genres and all languages welcome!

The first half an hour we start with small writing warm ups and train some story telling strategies for all those who want to get into the author's vibe and still have to shovel their way to their buried talents. Then we go on with free creative writing time... you can either autonomously work on your own current project or - if you are still looking for your story - dig a bit deeper into our weekly topic that we warmed up with. And for the last half an hour we present what we created today and give each other feedback on the development of our babies - as well as multilingual inspiration à la Derrida...

31.01 // 20-22
14.02 // 20-22
28.02 // 20-22

Price: Donation

Place to be announced

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