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Transcultural express:
The Artistania Podcast


We are happy to present you the new Artistania Podcast: Transculture Express, a podcast about queer, feminist, global south influences and postcolonial practices in our Kiez. It’s been a tough year, and let’s be honest: It still is. We miss coming together to share special moments of live music and the creative community. Transculture Express wants to provide a platform for musicians, cultural activists and organizers to discuss and share survival strategies for the current moment, musical inspirations and to imagine post-pandemic futures. And to just listen to music together.


Spotify Accelerator scholarship holder Abilaschan Balamuraley (Spotify SoundUp Programm 2020 a global Accelerator Programm fostering LGBTQI * Voices) and radio producer Frida Neander Rømo, manage and design the podcast and program design!

In the very first episode of Transculture Express, we are talking about the meaning and importance of musical companionship and artistic collaboration with Jamila Al-Yousef and her producer Naima Husseini. We are also talking about how to navigate being a musician and a producer in a male dominated music sphere, facing stereotypes and biases and about how meaningful change can happen within the music industry. 

Transcript Episode 1

Transcript Episode 2

Transcript Episode 3

Transcript Episode 4

Transcript Episode 5

Transcript Episode 6

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