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Since December 2014 the artists and members of Artistania e.V. have been working together to create a multidisciplinary cultural center in the the abandoned cellar of the “Kindl Brewery”, in Neukölln, Berlin. A group of people coming from more than 15 nationalities and ranging from 19 to 70 years old, all joined forces to build an independent working space, driven by the motto “learning by doing”.

One year after they ventured down into this dark and dirty vacuum, the space has become unrecognizable. This vast underground has become a cultural meeting point. The space has been divided to form private studios and common spaces.

The community space or "common Atelier" has a stage and a small kitchen and is at the center of the project’s activities. The multifarious collective projects of Artistania mostly take place here, such as theatre workshops, community meetings, concerts etc. The common Atelier also acts as a link between the different artists' studios and gives members the possibility to forge connections between their individual projects.

The infrastructure (walls, electricity, water etc.) was entirely built by our members and supporters of the association. This experience created strong bonds between the people involved but also to the space.

Beside their regular artistic work, the artists and members meet regularly to improve the quality and the atmosphere of the space.

Currently the Atelier is entering a new phase: we are working together with 15 other users of the former brewery to take over the building with the Genossenschaft Vollgut.

Learn more about this exciting project here.

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